I can understand nihil responding to this thread... he's got more patience than pretty much anyone else on this site and seems to have a way of handling the drivel that some of these people dish out.

Erm....no. Not even close.

On top of that, I can't believe how rude and ignorant Pootie is being, and for the most part, he/she has been allowed to get away with it. I've seen others banned for less than his/her last post, yet this is being allowed to continue. Is this due to our discussions on APs lately in addicts? Where are the people that stand up and protect us from trolls. That's all that last post was... a troll's post and that's all this thread is to begin with.. It saddens me to see a 'newbie', and I'm just using site titles here, get away with being so out right rude to a 'senior' who has contributed many good items in the past.

Most of the complaints about pooties questions were actually handled in his original post. He/she came here to ask people opinions on whether it could be a hack or not, and also mentions that he/she only uses the account from a single machine.

A good portion of the responses to this thread were in a rude tone and sound like a bunch of self important jackasses who can't take the time to properly read or comprehend what the person was asking. "well obviously the user is a retard who uses a poor password and logged in from a different machine despite the fact that blah blah blah blah malarky"

If I got reponses like this I'd be calling bullshit on you guys as well. Especially when followed by obviously false information like 'anyone who hacks a noob is obviously an idiot blah blah blah'.

Instead of preaching your own bs...why not just offer up some legitimate causes of what the user is seeing? Maybe the yahoo servers were experiencing problems? Maybe the service was hosed on his machine and zombied out when he tried to open it up again? Maybe someone actually did hack it? People do steal those accounts to be stupid, commit fraud, do further damage with worms, harassment, etc...

Hey, and an even more novel idea. Before you go name calling maybe collect some more info to troubleshoot or give the person some real steps to take such as contacting the service provider and changing his authentication info?