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    I believe some of you have experiences running MsVPN on your windows XP system. It's quite frustrating when you're on MSN having web conference/cam with important clients and still have to connect VPN(disconnecting all your connections) to remedy something in your office network.

    While keeping security considerations in or out of this situation,
    Are there any way i could enable my msn to keep online (through my home connection or a office proxy/tunnel/gateway server) while i connect to VPN?

    Looking for advices,
    Thanks! Cheerios!

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    You might want to start digging your way through this

    But be warned... Split tunnelling is a no-no with regard to security and if it implementation is, shall we say, sub-par you could be transmitting the confidential stuff in clear.... We call this a "Bad Thing".... <LOL>
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    What's the old saying? You get what you pay for.

    I'm the enterprise VPN admin and I've had nothing but trouble from the MS VPN solution. Do you have any budget dollars laying around? If so, take a look at the Juniper SSL VPN. It offers an excellent secure meeting feature where you can send any type of traffic to all your meeting participants, all of course, securely. I've never ever had a connection drop even during periods of high load on the server.


    my 2 centz
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    I dont think the trouble is with random disconnects. I think what he is saying that while he is in confrence and he has to vpn somewhere his connection drops for a second while he is being added to the VPN, same happens when he disconnects becasue he is then transfering the data routes back to his network. Same happens to me when I VPN into all of our clients networks while im RDP in our servers doing work. I have some leeway here becasue the info im transmitting is not a live video/audio feed so I just see a slowdown (unless I am using internal IP addresses, if that is the case I lose the connection all together becasue now the internal IP I am using goes somewhere else)

    as far as a solution...I have yet to find one, but i am going to start knawing at tigers link
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    No i think i got this problem pegged. this drove us nuts for awhile here. Go into the properties of your VPN client connection, go to the networking tab, highlight TCP/IP and click on the properties button for that, then when you get the screen that says Automatically Get IP, or Static IP, click the advance button, and the first thing you see on the box that pops up, is a checkbox that says "Use remote gateway for all internet connections...bla bla bla" Uncheck that box, and then try it. I'm not sure if I understood the question properly, but hey, something as simple as this might be what the issue is. Hope this helps.

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    can't this issue be solved w/ two NIC's

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