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Thread: UBUNTU South Africa

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    Exclamation UBUNTU South Africa

    Hi There

    Just one question what do you guys think of UBUNTU linux developed by the south africans can I install it and never regret that I even downloaded it.

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    The newest build (5.0.4) is very nice. It has a nice layout, it's stable and they take security into account.

    Things like:

    * Allowing you to SU to a root terminal only. They have you setup the box in a way that encourages you to stay logged in as a normal user. It will even bitch at you if you attempt an IRC connection as root.

    * They now have an update service that works very much like RedHat Linux. A little icon flashes when your updates are ready. It's really nothing more than synaptic that alerts you when updates are ready. Nice and clean.

    * It's certainly a desktop OS yet you can add packages to do development and server stuff.

    * It's stable as all hell.

    * Easy to use installer. This is especially nice.

    * The packages are not more than 1 or 2 releases behind on things like NMAP, etc. You can of course compile your own.

    An NMAP scan out of the box shows a very tight default config. Impressive for such a new release. You can easily turn on tons of stuff but out of the box, the host is streamlined.

    * One CD install. Compare that to some other distros.

    Anyway, I use UBUNTU all day long for simple networking tasks. NMAP scans, SMB messages, Evolution (instead of awful Outlook), etc.

    I give it 2 thumbs up.

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    Thanks for the info
    but what about security can it be hacked or cracked
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    Anything and everything can get hacked and/or cracked...

    You need to keep it up2date just like any other distro..
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    well thanks alot you guys

    see ya'll later
    There are ten kinds of people:
    Those who understand binary and Those who don\'t

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    Damn fine distro IMHO.....................I went to the site ordered ten CDs and got them within two weeks..........I have just finished distributing them ...........

    Well worth a try!

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    I like ubuntu
    what i like even more they even paid the postage
    I have red hat and suse but i like UBUNTU more

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    It's replaced the Fedora and RedHat disc's in my 'toolkit' (old battered CD case full of various burned cd's).

    I use it exclusively now, unless I have a need for a specific distro due to lamer package requirements i.e. Check Point Secure Remote/Secure Client for RedHat 7.x only.

    maddog1, if you have the capability, I'd suggest you download the DVD and try it. TH13 is right, a single CD install is amazing...ESPECIALLY when it can work on my brand-spankin'-new IBM t41 thinkpad with ZERO configuration on my part (that's right skippy...everything, inlcuding sound and wifi worked out-of-the-box.) But the best part of the DVD is it has the full install package set plus it is a Live Linux disc, so you can boot it up and get a feel for it without moving a single bit on the platters.

    They only offer it online through bittorrent due to bandwidth, but I believe they'll send you one, if you ask nicely.

    <Off Topic but related>
    These images really do say it all...I stole them from somewhere, forget exactly where. Heck, I could have gotten the link from here on AO. But look at them and tell me which you would rather have, Debian and it's image, or Ubuntu?
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    I've done a test with a couple of kids in a local cybercafe.

    The ones installing Windows were complaining in the end..
    They only had solitaire and waiting for updates (Fresh winXPSP2 install needs how many updates??)..

    The ones on Ubuntu could play all kinds of games and install anything realy with a simple interface (instead of having to buy or pirate anything from a word processor to some descent dev. tools)

    So the windows guys decided to install Ubuntu (it wasn't their parents PC anyway )
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    Yep, I to got 10 cd's from their site... I hope I won't be disapointed... bah... how could I when they were completely free lol...
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