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Thread: Prescott n galatin ?????

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    Question Prescott n galatin ?????

    hi, AO again
    2 months and nothing have changed so far accept knowledge-bank
    well i was searching over www.anandtech.com and i came to know about two makes of Intel P's one prescott-based and other gallatin-based..... what's the difference between two, i seached a lot but got nothing. I check my MoBo booklet and i found out it to be prescott supporting.

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    I gotta tell ya, that finding the information was a lot easier than you may have thought. Just by entering “compare gallatin and prescott processors” in Google’s Search, revealed a multitude of sites with similar info. But none-the-less, below is a pretty good comparison between the Newer Prescott (Intel 3.73GHz) and the Gallatin (Intel 3.46GHz) processors. Google for the definitions of any terms you may not be familiar with and you might want to do a visual core comparision as well.

    Some of the noticeable differences between the two was; the lack of L3 Cache on the newer Prescott however they doubled the L1 Cache on it, and notice the increase in HEAT! In fact, in looking up info for you the Prescott was the toastiest x86 Processor.

    Manufacturing Process: 90nm
    Socket: LGA-775
    Bus Speed: 1066MHz
    L1 Cache: 16KB
    L1 Trace Cache 12-K micro-ops
    L2 Cache: 2MB
    L3 Cache: None
    EM64T: Yes
    SSE3 Instruction Set: Yes
    Execute Disable Bit: Yes

    Intel 3.73GHz XE (Prescott)
    Idle Temperatures (C) 51
    Stress Temperatures (C) 67

    Manufacturing Process: 130nm
    Socket: LGA-775
    Bus Speed: 1066MHz
    L1 Cache: 8KB
    L1 Trace Cache: 12-K micro-ops
    L2 Cache: 512KB
    L3 Cache: 2MB
    EM64T: No
    SSE3 Instruction Set: No
    Execute Disable Bit: No

    Intel 3.46GHz XE (Gallatin)
    Idle Temperatures (C) 44
    Stress Temperatures (C) 62

    This info can be found by Clicking Here:

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