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    Thanks XTC, that makes a lot of sense.

    I get the feeling you're talking about me *CK* and I might not know that much about this kind of thing but at least I can admit that and try to learn instead of just following someone's written instructions and then wondering what the hell I just did after the problem is solved.
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    instead of just following someone's written instructions
    So watching other people type crap out for you is uhhh... what?

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    If only microsoft (the idiots...) hadn't taken out DOS in XP I'd know what to do.
    Still it might help to know where the virus is living.

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    Originally posted here by Blasta
    If only microsoft (the idiots...) hadn't taken out DOS in XP I'd know what to do.
    Still it might help to know where the virus is living.
    Hey Hey,

    What does a lack of DOS have to do with anything??? I'm quite anti-Microsoft and I'm really starting to get sick of all you MS bashers... this is your first post and you'll very quickly learn that you have no clue wtf you are talking about..

    Windows 3.1 was a shell that ran on DOS.
    Windows 95 was a "OS" (the term is used lightly)... that ran on DOS (most still considered it a shell...
    Windows 98 didn't bring much in the way of improvements..

    Enter the next generation of Microsoft Operating Systems... they realized that the Disk Operating System was dying and it was time to scrape it and advance with the rest of the world... It was something that was needed.

    I'm not sure who you could do if you had DOS that you can't do now. You've got BartPE or ERD Commander... You've got NTFSDOS... You've got the recovery console... You've got Linux with the CaptiveNTFS driver... there are plenty of options for accessing the drive without booting the operating system...

    So please explain to us how you could fix this problem if you still had DOS... yet you can't explain it with any of the more modern options that are available?

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    Go to the start menu, click on run, type in the box "msconfig" without the quotes go to the startup tab, look for any suspicious software or .exes that is starting up if you find some thing search your hard drive for the .exe if you don't now the .exe end the process and the delete the .exe then you go to the registry ""and please don't mess with the registry"" then you search the registry for the same .exe and delete the you will find them in the hkey local machine and hkey users good luck
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    I think support for Norton 2003 has been discontinued. I might be wrong there.

    I'm not a big fan of Norton anyway. You might want to try to remove Norton and install one of the free AV programs that are available such as AVG or Avast.


    It would also be good if you got hold of some of the more common antispyware tools also. These will help remove things which might cause problems but which can be overlooked by AV.


    Get HiJack this. It can generate a log of all the processes that are going on in your machine. You can post the log here where some of the spyware AV experts can take a look at it to spot what is going on and you'll be able to use it as your experience grows.


    Your getting a bit of a bollocking by members coz you should have really looked round a bit more before posting there are lots of articles about removing spyware and viruses in this website.
    Don't bite back, learn the lesson and you'll be better off.
    I don't think you posts are bad at all for your age, your questions are well worded you just should have done a bit more leg work first.

    Here is one tutorial


    there are lots more.

    Back up all your important files before you start mucking around and write a down all your important settings. That way it won't matter if you screw your machine up trying to fix it.
    Breaking things is good you learn a lot that way.

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