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    I know im a rookie but what is NMAP ??

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    Same old morons with same old pathetic questions. Quick! Someone post the "google is your friend" reply... Geeeeeeeezzzzzz
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    It's a port scanner with a hell of a lot of features, more info here:

    and as a personal plug:

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    Hey Hey,

    Is this an example of someone we can call a useless idiot??

    I typed the exact question "what is nmap" into google and before the links to sites... this was returned...

    Web definitions for Nmap
    Nmap is free port scanning software distributed by Insecure.Org and designed to detect open ports on a target computer, determine which services are running on those ports, and infer which operating system the computer is running (this is also known as fingerprinting). It has become one of the de-facto tools in any network administrator's toolbox, and is used for penetration testing and general computer security.
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nmap - Definition in context
    Right on the google main search page... I didn't even have to click... How goddamn lazy are people getting?

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