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Thread: Logging on to another XP Pro System.

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    Question Logging on to another XP Pro System.

    I have two XP Pro systems. One is a laptop. I can't get most of the network to work properly, but I do have the laptop recognizing my desktop...(not the other way around, and no other computers are recognized).

    Anyways, I use my laptop to Remote Desktop the desktop machine and just use that in full screen. But I want to know if there's a way I can just log on to that other machine from the logon screen. I can't set it as a domain because of some "WINS" error..whatever the f*** that is.

    Any ideas? Is it even possible?

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    You can also try realvnc, or tightvnc..They are both rat opencource programs which are small but believe me can do the job well.http://www.tightvnc.com/ or http://www.realvnc.com/

    hope it helps
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    Hey Hey,

    From the sounds of it you basically want to turn your laptop into a ThinClient.

    You might want to look into ThinStation... a small Linux distribution specifically for creating a ThinClient device. You could dual-boot your laptop... Boot ThinStation when you want to use it as a ThinClient and then boot XP when you need your own PC (on the road type occasion)


    I've never used the software, but I'm tempted to test it out for a few different installations that I've been playing with. So your feedback would really be appreciated if you do try it out..

    Judging from what you're asking for, it'd suit you quite well....

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