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Thread: Weird Problem

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    To return to the OPs question:

    Hi rahotra , and welcome to AO.

    What is happening is that your ISP has a "blacklist" and will block access to sites on that list. This is sometimes done at government level, and is very common in businesses and educational establishments.

    The problem is that these blacklists are frequently imported and are rarely scrutinised objectively. Even AO has been on some of them

    Another method is to use keywords for site and content filtering. This has it's own problems in that:

    "How to hack your girlfriend's hotmail" would probably be treated equally with:

    "How to protect your business from hackers"

    Assuming that the material you want is legal in your country you might get someone from outside to download and e-mail it to you.

    In educational and corporate environments I have seen central repositories for information. If you could justify it, material would be downloaded for you by someone without the restrictions.

    Similarly you could ask for specific sites to be authorised, if they were obvious "false positives"


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    Re: Weird Problem

    Originally posted here by rahotra
    Hi everyone, I have been facing this weird problem while I was trying to look up some material with regard to the history of phreaking. I tried looking up for the history of phreaking in google and got a lot of results but I have been unable to access the website as I keep getting a webpage which says:

    "Site Blocked - We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates."

    I tried asking some of my friends and they said that the proxy server from the ISP is trying to block the particular site that I am trying to access. I just wanted to confirm whether it is the ISP that is blocking this site. Because while I was in India I never faced this problem.

    Can there be any solution in order to avoid this problem?
    You wanna access this blocking site www.your-freedom.net register and download , Install it
    Our ISP block many sites like all free e-mail, website and messengers. we can access all site what we want .


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