An intro 'bout me:
I'll complete graduation in Computer Science in 2 yrears hence... I'm having a feeling that I don't know anything more than what my syllabus touches. So I decide to learn more...
I've seen AO 1 yr b4.. I used to read stuff...
Now I feel Google/AO coupling will propell me ahead... 'n Joined in.

Now, my doubt ...
1) I'm a new user to IRC.
For the first time, one day morning I joined one room... Then left the room after some time ..
Then later in the eveing, i entered the same room with the another display name, and email ... Then when i talked with a person in the room, he told me that he had seen me that day morning also... ??

How did he know ?
Did he find my IP ?

I reffered some help files..
I didn't find anything so that u can find any other's IP .. So maybe he found my ISP ??
Can an admin of a room find other's ip ??
(*I don't remember whether he was admin or not)

2) I've seen some tutorials 'bout IRC commands etc. But none of them tell us about some nice channels, where you find informative 'n helping ppl...??
Do u ppl. have some IRC hangnouts ??

thats all.