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Thread: I found this.. no browser is safe..

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    Question I found this.. no browser is safe..

    Hi all,
    while surfing techtree.com i have come to this piece of information, that says none of browsers is safe as per this test and condition explained there in which is:

    "Secunia Research has discovered a vulnerability in various browsers, which can be exploited by malicious web sites to spoof dialog boxes.

    The problem is that JavaScript dialog boxes do not display or include their origin, which allows a new window to open e.g. a prompt dialog box, which appears to be from a trusted site.

    Please use the test below, to see an example of how this vulnerability can be exploited, and also to determine whether or not your browser is vulnerable."

    Test is given here:


    I can't understand this much so if anyone can also explain me in laymen terms please help me
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    Good link, wonder what the fix is?

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    Your link is messed up because of the break.

    No browser has been fixed yet - the only advice for now is to stay away from untrusted sites while browsing trusted ones.

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    You can surf with javascript turned off. If you use Internet Explorer
    you can set your security zones so that javascript is off in the default
    "internet" zone, and enable it in the "trusted" zone. Put various sites
    into the "trusted" zone as needed. Javascript is evil.

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