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    I use an automated boot floppy with a DOS version of NTFSCHK to repair failed W2K
    systems in the field (send a floppy rather than a system). Over time, hard drives in
    these systems have changed. I am currently having a problem getting the floppy to
    work with drives larger than 40GB (mainly 80GB EIDE and SATA). Are there limits as
    to what size hard disk NTFSCHK will support and is there a version of NTFSCHK I can
    get that will support these larger drives (if that is actually the problem)?

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    Well I copied and pasted:-

    hard disk NTFSCHK will support
    from your message into Google.....

    The first result is this which contains the quote:-

    If your hard disk is 4GB or larger then your BIOS must support the Extended Int 13 interface (defined in the Enhanced Disk Drive Specification). Most newer systems provide such support, as it is necessary for Windows 95/98 to access large disks.
    Since you state:-

    Over time, hard drives in these systems have changed.
    I think you might need to send them the BIOS upgrades on the floppy too.....

    Google is your friend.....
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    Sorry, I should have been clearer in my statement. The process I am talking about has
    worked in the past with 20GB and 40GB harddisk drives. When I stated that the drives
    had changed, I ment that newer systems had larger drives (80GB EIDE and 80GB SATA).
    The OS on these systems has always been W2K Workstation. If I set the partition size
    for the 80GB drives to be 40, all works fine. The newer systems are all running the latest
    BIOS revision. I am also able to reproduce this failure in the lab.

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    Hi, DeathTouch

    Can you PM me a copy of your NTFSCHK...........this box is on Windows 2000 SP4, and has a pair of 80Gb drives.............I will gladly have a look at the problem for you I also have another with twin 60Gb drives.

    Are these just single drives or RAID arrays?

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    Will send it first thing Monday when I get in the lab.
    Yes they are W2K Workstation SP4, single drives in
    each system.

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