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Thread: Welcome to this new forum!

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    Welcome to this new forum!

    Many members have asked about us having a regulatory compliance forum, and after much discussion, here it is! Thanks to the new mods, thehorse13 and zencoder!!

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    Hi everyone.

    Just a few quick guidelines to help avoid some confusion for threads in this forum. Keep in mind that the AO community is a global spread community. What is law in your area may be nothing more then mere suggestion or 'good practice' in another. Also, there are a lot of 'compliance' issues that are not legal, but more industry regulations that will affect an organizations liability or certification status.

    With these in mind, please make sure that you clearly indicate your locale and what specifically you are discussing; EU privacy concerns, US Sarbanes-Oxley Act, private certifications, etc. It will help the membership recognize what specific concerns may or may not apply to your situation.

    Thanks, and enjoy!
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    Good improvement step .... looking forward to reading a lot of beneficial threads ... under the supervision of our brand-new mods ... zen and horsy ....

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