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Thread: Another new forum: Regulatory Compliance

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    Another new forum: Regulatory Compliance

    Many of you asked for it, and after much discussion, we've created it for you:
    Thanks for the excellent suggestions! We've also done a bit of reorganization with the forum order while we were at it!

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    Make sure you update your 'Front Page Display' for AO if you use that view; new forums are not checked by default, so you'll need to add it if you want active threads to appear on the main page.
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    Excellent! I accidently posted in the request thread prior to reading this annoucement. *whoops*

    None the less, this is very much a welcome addition. Thank you for listening and acting upon the feedback offered. Well done lads.

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    This will be a welcome addition since SEC regulations are involved in much of what I do.
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    Gr8 in its context

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