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Thread: Internet connection

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    Question Internet connection

    I was just wondering how to have your computer connect automatically to the internet once the computer is turned on without having to click on the connect application.

    **I'm using windows XP sp2 with a broadband connection


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    Hmmm. Well, it *sounds* like you have some sort of DSL connection that is 'on-demand' instead of 'always-on'. Is that correct?

    If so, you could probably write some sort of script to start the connection during Windows execution of the start up scripts.
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    Found this :

    1) In Control Panel open "Network Connections"
    2) Right click on your broadband connection icon and select "Properties"
    3) Uncheck "Prompt for name and password..."
    4) Click "OK"
    5) Open your "C:/Documents and settings" folder
    6) Open the "All Users" folder
    7) Open the "Start Menu" folder
    8) Open the "Programs" folder
    9) Go to your Programs Folder -> Startup
    9) Copy a short-cut of your Broadband Connection, from the Network Connections folder in to the "Startup" folder

    Source : http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_pppoe.htm

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    Dialup or boradband?
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    Dialup or boradband?
    Answered here
    I'm using windows XP sp2 with a broadband connection
    the type of broadband is required.. Some USB modems are spoken to as in the comment regarding the internet settings see the comments from zencoder and hesperus.. some adsl modems auto connect (these are like the Router modems etc.. ) and as such you on a perm connection....

    so perhaps a bit of info on the modem will help..
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    so perhaps a bit of info on the modem will help..
    It is the driver software I suspect. My BT voyager 100 modem just got killed in a thunderstom and I have a Connexant replacement. The connexant would connect automatically if I put a script into the start up routine. I don't think that it would be quite as easy with the old BT one, but still possible.

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    well you could get a broad band router. most of them have ppp0e clients that make the connection instead of your computer and can be set to remake the connection if it gets dropped. this will also allow you to attach more computers

    the westell 2200 is what verizon is currently issuing. this is a router that contains the winpoet client

    if you still have the pppoe client on your computer see if you can get your hands on an older install disk. there is an option on the older version to connect on windows start which i havn't seen on the newer winpoet installs. i have it if you can't get it.

    or you could put it in the startup folder as has already been said
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