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Thread: Hackers probe Outlook Express flaw

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    Hackers probe Outlook Express flaw

    The risk of an attack related to a flaw in Microsoft Outlook Express climbed this week, after underground hacking sites began circulating sample code for exploiting it.

    The exploit, which the French Security Incident Response Team drew attention to on Monday, is designed to take complete control of PCs with certain versions of the Outlook Express e-mail program installed on them, when users visit newsgroups controlled by the hackers.
    Hackers probe Outlook Express flaw | CNET News.com

    newsgroups? Sheeeeesh!


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    Hey EG~ you know that Outlook Express does not have any flaws.........it is pure designer software....................

    It has the much vaunted Microsoft VTP technology?

    VTP = "Virus Transfer Protocol"

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