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Thread: Ad Block for Firefox

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    Ad Block for Firefox

    If you are using Firefox and don't have this, get it. Removes ad feeds to the sites you visit regularly.


    Highly recommended.

    Even improves AO .

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    Hi hesperus,

    I use it myself....it's a great little tool...but...at the same time these sites depend on these ads for income.
    So...in a way it's like shooting yourself in the foot...if everybody blocked ads and stopping clicking on them that would be a substantial loss of income for these sites...I would think?

    So...I only block those ads that I wouldn't click on anyways...and I keep the ones that look interesting.


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    And it may block some pictures too (depends what filters you import), my list is huge so sometimes images i want to see get blocked.
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    ok.. any one compared this to a plain old Add blocking Hosts File? (here you can block some of the malicious websites as well but it is manually updated)
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    I generally block ads/flash when I'm on a slower connection (dsl and below).

    When I'm on a faster connection (T1 or higher) I won't block them.

    Though... I can't recall even one instance that I've ever clicked on those adds unless it was an accident. When I'm shopping for something, I know where to find it. Or, google/froogle will help me. Sometimes when I'm researching different solutions I'll see an add for a product I might be interested in. Even then... I'll open a new tab and type the name of it in my search toolbar.

    Then again, thats only me. People out there *must* be clicking on the banners/ads because if they didn't... we would not keep seeing them.

    I just wish sites would get away from the HUGE flash banners like AO uses. Its so annoying and it often throws off the layout of the site.
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    I am not opposed to relevant, discreet advertising, though I rarely click on it. But when my screen looks like a bloody pinball machine that makes it hard to find the actual content I am annoyed. And since I block things manually I don't lose what I don't want.

    I feel no compulsion to submit myself to advertising for the sake of a site's profit. The only way they are compensated is if I actually use the link and/or buy something, which I rarely do. That said, I have no problem clicking on the advertising links of sites I enjoy so that they can remain since it costs me nothing.

    Advertisers spend their money because a certain percentage of people are susceptible to advertising, and it appears that the more intrusive they make it the more people are drawn in, possibly by mistake (how many sites survive only because of this?), or possibly because of the natural human attraction to things that make noise and flash lights. The internet is particularly bad for this since profits can be made just by people clicking, not actually buying. If people can be tricked, money can be made.

    I am always grateful that Google conducts itself the way it does. All its profits are driven by advertising but it is discreet and attempts to be relevant. Imagine what the net would be like if Yahoo or something of its ilk was the dominant search engine.

    Anyway, thanks to things like Adblock I have the choice to see ads or not. Great little tool.

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