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Thread: China vs.Taiwan

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    China vs.Taiwan

    Reuniting Taiwan with mainland China vs.Taiwan an independent nation.

    I honestly don’t know but I feel it’s getting to be past time to form an opinion.

    During WW2 the US agreed that reuniting the two would be the thing to do. That was before the PRC took over. The PRC has never ruled in Taiwan.

    President Carter recognized Beijing as the true government of China and broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan (over intense republican objection). The UN recognizes Beijing.

    Taiwan is a democracy and the people there don’t seem to want China’s rule.

    If Taiwan declares its independence China will invade. The US has sworn to protect Taiwan and will go to war with China.

    Does the very act of declaring it's independence acknowledge that they are in fact a part of China.
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    Taiwan has never declared independance purely for not wishing to 'offend' mainland China ....

    However, they [Taiwan] are a fully fledged, independant democracy, and as such deserve the acknowledgment of the rest of the world [democracies, that is as I don't suppose that the likes of those power houses of Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Zimbabwe etc will give a toss one way or another. ]

    The US has sworn to protect Taiwan and will go to war with China.
    When parleying with the Chinese, it is essential that you make unequivical statements, otherwise they will twist it to their own ends.

    Although the USA does keep its promises, it is to be hoped that mainland China stops acting like a jerk-off, and grows into the capatalist society it is attempting to mimic right now.
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    I don't believe declaring independence is an option at the moment. China has threatened to invade if they do and the US has said it would defend. The US is in no position to go to war with China and I don't think really wants to, thus Taiwan can do nothing. On the other hand, I can't see why China would want to wage war with the US given that it is its single largest importer and China is well on the way to becoming a financial super-power (Wal Mart consumes something approaching ten percent of all China's exports, I believe). So all the talk and threats are just sound and fury. No one can move.

    What Taiwan gives the US is a point of contention it can use to hold China in check. The fact that it is Taiwan is almost irrelevant. There are overtones of Communism vs. Democracy but this is nothing more than dressing. Real independence works against American interest, which is in China, not Taiwan.

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    The USA was allied with China in WWII to defeat the Japanese
    invasion. In fact, defense of China is the main reason the USA
    wound up at war with Japan. But that's a long story.

    In about 1949 (correct me if I'm wrong), the Chinese gov't was
    overthrown by the communists. They fled to Taiwan, and the
    USA recognized the Taiwan regime as the Republic of China
    in exile.

    In about 1972, Nixon established diplomatic relations with
    the mainland regime, thus de-legitimizing Taiwan. Not only
    was Taiwan no longer the rightful gov't of China, as they had
    once claimed, but they weren't even a sovereign nation.

    If I remember correctly, Nixon agreed, in principle, that Taiwan
    would eventually be returned to Chinese rule. I guess he hoped it wouldn't
    actually be carried out in his lifetime.

    Nixon is dead and gone, and China is getting impatient to reunite
    Taiwan with the People's Republic. I don't see where the USA could say squat
    about it since we agreed over thirty years ago that it would "eventually come
    to pass.

    War with China would be a catastrophe. We need them as allies against Islam.
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    I think Taiwan should look more into petitioning the UN than the US. Even though they don't have a seat, I think if they pushed for one they'd get it. That would be enough pseudo-recognition as an indepedant country to get them where they want to be.
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