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    The Scene

    NYU student Brian Sandro has a secret: he and his friends pirate hundreds of millions of dollars of Hollywood movies over the Internet. The Scene, the first program created specifically for the file sharing community, lets viewers experience chats, IM's, and Web cams right from Brian's desktop.

    I've been watching this as the episodes come out. It makes for a great time killer right before my classes. The description above says it all. I really don't have to say more about it. I've been enjoying it as I was always curious as to how piracy groups operate. Its the "reality tv" for the geek. Some give it bad reviews saying its too fake... but I've never been a member of a piracy group... so I wouldn't know. The acting could be a little better and it is very obvious in many parts that the whole thing is scripted. (scripted as in they know what they're going to say before anything happens... not automated.)

    However, the tools they use are real. I've backed up plenty of dvds to date.. and I use some of the tools that they do in their videos. I do it legally of course... I don't trade them... I just like to have backups of my dvds... especially because I have had bad experience letting people borrow my dvds. They don't always come back in the same condition.

    I will say this though... if you're going to download it... get the whole volume. You can download it many different ways... but I recommend the torrent. The speeds on it have been great. I'm redownloading the whole thing as I type this and my speeds are over 120kB/s. If you do download it and like it... please consider staying on the torrent as a seed. You can cap your upload.


    Anyway... just doing my part to distract you from things that are really important and giving you yet another way/reason to procrastinate.
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    Hey Hey,

    Thanks for the heads up on this.... downloading the entire pack as we speak.. The torrent is great.... I'm not sure about your 120Kbps you must be on dialup

    I'm getting between 500 and 600Kbps... 20 minutes to download the entire pack... Can't wait to watch it

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    Wow, this is really interesting. Thanks for the link.
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    So at last, there is something that is somewhat(much more) real. not like those movies where even OS is sometimes so unique to me, or how there everything goes to screen "ACCESS GRANTED"
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    I watched a few of these and they're fun.

    Let me add some insight for those who are wondering about real "pirating" groups. These guys are far from the real McCoy. If you'd like a TV comparison, these guys are like the old 80s TV show, The A Team. In real life, all the characters would be dead but the show was a lot of fun to watch, just like these P2P episodes.

    Thanks for the link Phissssssshy. This made my morning go by a little faster.
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    Downloaded all of these from another site a few weeks ago and watched them.

    I quite enjoyed all of them for the entertainment value and this despite the negative reviews I had read. These reviewers obviously take themselves and these shows far too seriously. Relax, watch and enjoy. The plot, as simple as it is, does keep your interest.

    I see Episode 10 is out early July - looking forward to it

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