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Thread: Windows Activation

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    Windows Activation

    Hey everyone,
    A friend at work asked me this question and wasnt really sure what to say. They just recieved a licensed copy of windows server 2003 and installed it. He was asking if lets say there server(hardware) gets screwed and they want to install the licensed 2003 on a different server. How does the RE-activation work. When they activate it now what should they do to make they can reactivate it later.

    Tried to search the net for answer but couldnt find that much about reactivation

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have a legitimate copy and you activate AND REGISTER it then the MS helpdesk will sort it out for you. You should register professional software anyway, as that activates your entitlement to support.

    I have only hit this issue with MoBo and HDD replacements, but MS are very helpful...........at least in the UK they are.

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    Just call Microsoft. They're actually very accomodating for things like this. I've had to call them on behalf of customers after hardware changes and it's never been a problem. Just be sure you have the license number and all the necessary stuff when you call, but that should be available from the XP activation program.

    They almost make it *too* easy.

    Looks like Nihil beat me to an answer.
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