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Thread: disc just spins in drive...

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    disc just spins in drive...

    I created a backup for windows xp corp sp2 by creating an iso to hd than from hd to cd-r by using clonecd. I know the iso is a good file because I tested it with daemon tools and it works perfectly, but when the iso is put on disc and I try to run it it just makes that spinning sound in the drive and the computer freezes until i eject the disc and when i restart to try to use it it just freezes at press any key to boot from disc and you still here the spinning sound. I have used different brands of media to see whats compatible and all work with just random files but when i try to burn a image like windows it will just spin. I was wondering what program should I use and the settings that I will have to have it on (ex mode 1 ..ect. ) Thanks

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    So am I right in assuming here that your trying to get the CD to BOOT ? ie youve burnt the ISO of your Image of your installation to a cd and trying to get it to boot?

    if that is the case.. then have a look at BART-PE or PEBuilder
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    If you're trying to create a boot disc, you probably didn't create it correctly.
    Its one thing to load the ISO in daemon tools or put a disc in there after the OS is loaded.
    Its different when you try to boot to a non bootable ISO.

    Another way to test it is to create a set of XP boot disks. Load the boot disks and see if you can use the CD rom. If so, then you know you didn't create the bootable cd correctly.

    I haven't used the same software that you are talking about... so I won't be of much help on that. I noramlly use NERO for my burning...
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