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Thread: want to buy custom computer, best specs..

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    want to buy custom computer, best specs..

    I was wondering for gaming what would be a really good setup. I know a little about hardware but not so much so I need some advice. I don't know if getting some things is too much for example to 6800 nvidia's running on one machine with a fx-f3 processor. I want to build a desktop that is around 2,000. Can someone create the specs for a excellent gaming machine for me? Thanks again.

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    Have a look on Tom's Hardware Guide and Sharky Extreme.

    My machine is about 1000 euro:
    AMD Athlon 64
    1GB RAM
    160GB SATA HD
    MSI mainboard
    Asus N6600GT
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    The gaming computer I just built cost me only $818.64 USD

    Specs are:

    P4 3.0 ghz (HT) 800 fsb
    1 gig dual channel ram pc3200
    xfx 6600gt
    80 gig HDD 100 ata (Hope to upgrade to sata soon)
    MSI mobo (I forgot the chip set, i'll look later lol)
    400 watt PSU

    It's a good system, pretty cheap, and plays doom 3 great , What more can you ask for??

    Since you got a good budget to work with, I can put together a great machine for you. I just need some time...

    As of now, I got a dentist appointment
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    I subscribe to this magazine

    It is specifically for those who want to get the most cycles for cash that they can .....
    They have a 'Readers Drives' section where readers PC's are checked out, with a full list of specs ................

    You could then cost this up, as you know they are compatible .............

    luck to you

    LUCK !! .......... $2000 = MASSIVE choice

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    Gaming Machine...a hot looking machine with the goods under the hood. Let's see what I can price at the 'egg for you...

    Let's start with some powerful stuff that is useful no matter what we choose:
    • PSU - Antec NeoPower 480watt - Reliable Modular PSU
    • Case (Option 1) - Thermaltake Tsunami - Looks Nice
    • Case (Option 2) - Thermaltake Shark - Not Bad
    • HDD (Operating System / Program Installs) - Western Digital Raptor 10K RPM 74GB
    • HDD (File Storage Disk) - Seagate Barracuda 7.2K RPM 300GB
    • RAM (Option 1) - Corsair XMS 1GB (2x512MB) TCCD - The Best RAM, no LEDs
    • RAM (Option 2) - Corsair XMS 1GB (2x512MB) TCCD "Pro" - The Best RAM, even has LED Activity Monitor Cool++
    • CD/DVD Burner - Lite-On Drive - Reliable Company that other companies rebrand and resell

    Alright, that comes out to $813 to $884, depending on which options you went with. Pretty pricey. We went for some high end HDD's, top of the line RAM, and a spendy computer case. You could easily save a lot of money if you went for slower drives, more conservative RAM, and went for a cheaper computer case. But assuming you can afford that stuff, it is pretty much top-of-the-line.

    Now take this time to remember you are going to need a Monitor, a Keyboard, a Mouse, and a set of headphones or speakers.

    Now we will look at the Motherboard and the CPU. For gaming, you can't beat AMD's Athlon64 line of processors. Any of them would be good. We will try not to spend too much here (probably a lie )...

    • AMD Athlon64 3700+ San Diego Core - Good CPU, capable of good overclocking
    • DFI LanParty UT NF4 SLI-D - Lots of features. 2x PCI-Express incase you want to do SLI video cards

    That was $494...

    From a $2000 budget you would now have between $622 to $693 to spend on the Video Card, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Headphones/Speakers.

    Note: You could free up $49 to $77 if you got some lower rated Corsair RAM. $141 for a non-TCCD XMS Kit.

    Hopefully this gets you started. Hopefully you can stretch that last $600 to $700 across the video card, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones/speakers, etc. I did go for high quality parts all around to prevent headaches. And boy is it easy to spend another person's money doing that, lol.

    Be sure to report back after your purchase so we can make sure everything is running like it should.

    And remember -- everything goes in with no-force, especially the CPU. If you have to use force, you're putting the part in wrong. Take it out and reread the instructions. Cheers & good luck.

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    No reason to pay freakin 500 dollars for a video card in my opinion. I would just get one that can play the currect games while also giving you money to spare to upgrade as technology changes. I would really consider the sapphire x800 (pci-express)for, which happens to be about 180 dollars at newegg. Although i've never used this card myself, i heard it gets great fps in the most current games. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102529 a link
    there is also a 256mb one that is 249 on newegg
    both got very good ratings
    Gl on your pc

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    Well... Ram is the only thing that kind of requires a little force... depending on the motherboard... but luckily ram is pretty durable for that reason...
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    Hey Hey,

    Seeing all your sytems really depresses me... I feel like I've wasted money

    I've got:

    AMD XP 2500+ on an ASUS A7V8X-X
    768MB of DDR333
    205GB of HDD Space (3 Drives, 1 45GB 7200RPM, 1 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache, 1 80GB 7200 RPM External)
    52x32x52x16 CD-RW/DVD Combo
    8X Sony DVD+-RW (External)
    100MB Zip Disk Drive
    2 NICs
    128MB GeForce FX5200 w/ 21" Hitachi Monitor
    SB Live! 5.1 w/ Logitech Z-640 6 spk system
    Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (backup wired always connected as well)
    Toys: Logitech Wingman Rumblepad, Logitech MoMo Forcefeedback Steering Wheel, Logitech QuickCam Zoom, Wireless Headphones, Boom Mic, JamStudio Graphics Tablet, ATI TV Wonder VE w/ Remote

    The total cost was $1400 USD... but that was 18 months ago... still seems like a total waste compared to your sytems..

    Since that cost me $1400 18 months ago, I'd have to say that you can pretty much build yourself a dream system with $2000 right about now...

    The bigger question about how far you can go with the money is if you're shopping at local stores, or if you can spend it online... If you can shop online and hit up places like TigerDirect.com and NCIX.com then you'll be laughing.

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    HTRegz - I might as well spill my system specs.

    ~$660 for a Dual CPU Workstation (Not the best gaming machine, but not bad either) with these prices that I recall (may be cheaper now):

    Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P - Dual AthlonMP Workstation Motherboard - $230
    2x Athlon XP-Mobile (35 watt) 2400+ - Good overclocking processor - $90 each
    512MB Kingston PC3200 ValueRam - Will be run at PC2100 speeds - $90 (ouch - summer DRAM "shortage" inflated this cheap RAM to insane prices)
    Vantec "Stealth" 520watt PSU - decent PSU, high-end price market - $100 (vs $150 initial retail)
    Vantec "Aeroflow" Heatsink - I needed something small - $30 each

    Now, the processor isn't actually supported by the motherboard (and will infact be underclocked a lot when you try to use it). But that's why I bought it...

    After some pin-modifications and other work I have both processors running at a stable 2.43GHz.

    There is only one system configuration that comes close to this cost vs performance ratio. And those days are nearly gone. Imagine setting up a Dual Xeon system running at 2.8 - 3.4 GHz for $650. Used to be possible, and infact you might be able to do so. But it isn't as easy as it once was...

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    Htregz Don't worry man, your system isn't to far from the rest of ours, all you really need to do is upgrade your ram to a gig, the 5200 is still a good card, although it MIGHT need an upgrade soon...

    The only reason mine stayed low to around 800 bucks is because I already had a keyboard mouse and monitor, and GREAT speakers with a great subwoofer...
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