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    Post Security site

    Not sure if this is the right place for this :

    Found this site

    It has a large amount of papers to peruse, and links to 'free' [dependant on geography - read USA / Canada ] magazines

    Free to join.
    Weekly EMail updates.

    Worth a look see ...............
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    Great post. I came across this once before but couldn't remember what the site was.
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    Along with both comprise a great source .... thank for sharing Foxy
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    I like this website

    Largest Default Password Site (probably on the net) if not, close to it. Nice site.

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    Most excellent post foxyloxey!

    I found this at CERT and BitPipe and wanted to share as well:

    Publications from the CERT/CC Staff - they even have a few Master's theses online about security (at za bottom):

    From BitPipe:

    Also - from the "cloak and dagger" arena, the US Gov "Rainbow" Series online:

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