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Thread: Wired and Wireless connections

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    Wired and Wireless connections

    I have a desktop PC with a USB wireless adapter and a hard wired NIC card. The INTERnet is on the usb wifi and the INTRAnet is on the wired adapter. I want to be able to use both, however force windows into always using the WiFI for web etc.

    Each time I enable the wired NIC, I lose WWW etc. because it tries to use the NIC card instead (follow me? its confusing I know)

    When I disable the NIC, I instantly have WWW access etc.

    Any ideas as to keeping the wifi useable w/ the NIC?

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    Well, it depends on several factors. You really haven't given enough information to even make an educated guess. What operating system (I'm assuming Windows). What sort of networking equipment are you using, and where? You told us what the PC has, but not what it is connected to. What service is the USB-Wifi device using? Does it connect to a device you have in the house, or does it connect to an area/regional signal from the ISP?

    The $0.02 answer is 'enable Internet Connection Sharing' on the wired interface, but that is probably wrong or less then efficient, however it's the best I can do with the info given.
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    Sorry for not providing more info...XP SP2 is the OS The Wifi connects to an area ISP (city offers WiFi)
    The NIC is an onboard nic and wifi usb key is from hawking...The onboard nic is just for me to be able to remote into my machine since I can not put port forwarding on (no control over the router)
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