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Thread: networking in c++

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    networking in c++

    I've found a book on c++ beginning (no win32 code included). I would learn win32 from websites but i think it gets a little bit hard on the eyes. So my question is, does anyone know any c++ win32 books that are excellent for the beginner? I also need help finding a networking book in c++. If someone could please posts some good books they used to get networking and win32 applications down, it would be greatly apppreciated.

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    I've just begun C++, and I'm using SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours, which is a very good book, but I've been told to drop it and go onto Accelerated C++. Either way, they are both very good newbie books.

    From there, going onto the "Thinking in C++" books are a good idea. Once you have read one of the two n00b books above and the "Thinking in C++" books, you should be pretty much done, networking and all! You can find the "Thinking in C++" pdfs here

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