OK, just curious, but why the HELL is there not a forum for Doom and well, OK so I'm joking there but umm, I was just looking around online and.... SOMEONE BEAT DOOM 2 ON NIGHTMARE IN ONE RUN...... How in the **** do you get that????

And another one:

Doom and Doom 2 on Ultra Violence, both games, under 30 minutes??


I'm working on getting Doom to run on Linux. It's the only reason I have XP on my laptop right now.



Speedrunning competition

Main article: Doom speedrunning

"Devoted players have spent years creating speedruns for Doom, competing for the quickest completion times and sharing knowledge about routes through the levels and how to exploit bugs in the Doom engine for shortcuts. Achievements include the completion of both Doom and Doom II on the Ultra-Violence difficulty setting in less than 30 minutes each. In addition, a few players have also managed to complete Doom II in a single run on the Nightmare! difficulty setting, on which monsters are twice as fast and respawn some time after they have been killed (level designer John Romero characterized the idea of such a run with "it's just gotta be impossible!" [4] (http://www.doom2.net/compet-n/index....rs&page=panter)). Movies of most of these runs are available from the COMPET-N website."

... WOW.

So who here has done something awesome in Doom and thinks they have a chance at kicking MY ass in it? I can beat the first section of the original Doom, on Ultra Violence without ONE point of damage.

Doom links and screen shots welcome.

If you hate this game somehow and you're going to reply saying how shitty it was, don't you worry, I have my OWN BOFH BFG9000.