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    how do i create smart bookmarks in firefox

    i'd like to create some bookmarks for wikipedia, mirriam webster and maybe other things...

    can anyone point me to an URL ... on how to do this

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    Go to the site and press CTRL-D?
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    Hi unhappy,

    If you're using Firefox you already have wikipedia, dictionary.com, and others in your ' Quick Searches '...in ' Bookmarks '.
    If you want to bookmark...just press ' Bookmark this Page ' and you'll get a pop-up and click ' yes '.

    And, if you're like me and like to bookmark alot of sites, create a folder for each category ( eg. put all programming sites in a folder called programming ) that way you can access what you want and know where everything is, without having to search through a huge mess.

    And don't forget to add a folder called ' AntiOnline '...this way you can bookmark the threads you want remember or to go back to instantly without cluttering up your e-mail with subscriptions.


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