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    Wi-Fi Security Tool Puts Emphasis on Location

    Wi-Fi Security Tool Puts Emphasis on Location

    Newbury Networks Inc. this week introduced the latest version of its Wi-Fi security software, which uses both location and behavior patterns to monitor a network for rogue access points.

    WiFi Watchdog 5.0 is server-side software that uses location technology for intrusion prevention and detection, client protection, and rogue access point containment.

    Location helps determine not only what is a threat, but what isn't, officials said. This aids in eliminating false positives in intrusion detection, helping to differentiate a true rogue access within the walls of a customer's company from an unsecured access point in the company next door, said officials at the Boston-based company. WiFi Watchdog 5.0 both classifies the type of attack and identifies the physical location of the source of the attack, officials said.


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    WiFi Watchdog 5.0 both classifies the type of attack and identifies the physical location of the source of the attack, officials said.
    As in netgear pcmcia card, mac addy XXXXXXXXXX, some ware over there, in that direction?????????

    Sorry to be scepticle, but wifi gear is omnidirectional. (yes there is some directionl gear) That has got to make DF difficult. I have been out of the pro radio op field for some time, so technology may well have over taken my knowledge. Three hits were always required to triangulate a possition with any accuracy.

    If some one can shed any light as to how this software works I would be most interested.
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    Geeeeez...for $14,995 it better get you to the location and then buy you dinner

    Location, Location, Location ... - Computerworld

    but even at $14,995 it's not as bad as $50,000 for Eye 4.0


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    Jinxy I agree completely. In fact, at the FISC I made that very query to their rep, and he assured me it was possible. What's more, AirDefense makes the same claims.

    "Proprietary" and "Trade Secret" come to mind; gives them an out from actually explaining it. :P
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