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Thread: New worm lures users with 'breaking news'

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    New worm lures users with 'breaking news'

    New worm lures users with 'breaking news'

    Internet users alarmed over news of Michael Jackson's death or dark conspiracies behind the demise of Pope John Paul II should perhaps just be worried that they received another new e-mail worm.

    Researchers at security firm Sophos warned Tuesday of the spread of the Kedebe-F e-mail worm, which carries a variety of subject headers and messages touting breaking news. However, users who click on the attached file could have their security software and firewall disabled, according to Sophos.


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    Hi intmon,

    Well...I never seem to get those kind of e-mails...my ISP apparently does a good job of storing them then deleting them before I ever get a chance to see them...since I've been on the net ( approx. 10 mths ) I've seen three e-mails tagged as ' spam ' make it into my box...one was from here and the other two were from another computer forum...I didn't even bother to look at them...I just deleted them.


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    Rather than receiving such breaking news from email, i prefer RSS feed, and now it seems that was good idea. It is indeed "breaking" news. :-)
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