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Thread: Stupid Distracting Games Thread

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    Stupid Distracting Games Thread

    Hey Hey,

    We have a lot of small web games posted around here from time to time... so why not have a thread just for them... My ISP had a little Top 5 Weird Websites thing today and one of them was for a game called POOM!... move around a randomly tiled board and try and hit the ball... It's sort of like block breaker, bananoid or any of those other type games, only no blocks at the top of the screen and a bit of a twist... I've played for the last 20 minutes and I'm hooked, but not that good, best score is 3600 and best bounces is 22.

    Check it out at http://www.gotused.com/42/games/poom/

    At the same time, all the Linux user will be very familiar with this... but for the Windows people out there, here's the most addictive game of all time... and it's in web form this time.


    Here's one for gore... http://necromanthus.com/main.html

    You'll find warcraft, diablo, deus ex and best of all doom on this page in flash and shockwave form... They aren't perfect but they're fun


    Anyways... throw up your favourite little web games.. give us more distractions for work and class

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    I play very little game on net but that second link for windows user was superb, thanks for the link. added to bookmarks. :-)
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    This game is as addictive as crack, so be warned. I have /no/ idea why I like it so much but I can kill hours just digging away.

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    games or not but i think i am going to addict to this thread, :-) for i knew none of these links. looks like i am not the only one into games.
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