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Thread: CWShredder - New Home -Trend Micro

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    CWShredder - New Home -Trend Micro

    There seems to have been a bit of news regarding Trend Micro just lately..

    from eg,
    and from d0pp

    Now I read that Intermute is now a part of Trend Micro..

    Originally developed by Merijn Bellekom of the Netherlands, CWShredder™ was owned and maintained by InterMute until June of 2005 when InterMute was aquired by Trend Micro.
    Found Here

    found the news first on Spyware Beware

    oh and if you havent seen it.. latest version is Ver 2.15..

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    Everyone is still in purchasing and acquisitions mode. Trend Micro also bought IP-filtering company Kelkea recently.

    CA bought Pest Patrol last year, and this week they bought Tiny Software.

    Microsoft bought Giant Software, GeCAD, Sybari, etc., etc.

    It seems cyclical. There are about 5 to 10 years where the trend is home-grown, in-house development and spinning off dead weight subsidiaries, and then 5 to 10 years of buying established innovators in the industry and acquiring dead weight subsidiaries- then repeat cycle.

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    Funny you bring this up. This just came out today.

    Cisco buys Netsift
    By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service, 06/27/05

    Cisco Monday said it has agreed to pay $30 million for a
    year-old start-up, Netsift, which develops deep packet
    processing technology. Netsift's system can be used for
    detecting network attacks as they happen.

    Netsift, a privately held company in San Diego, was founded last
    June and employs 15 people.

    The deal, worth $30 million in cash and stock options, remains
    subject to regulatory approval and other closing conditions, but
    should be complete by the end of July, Cisco said.

    Read the full story at:
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