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Thread: safe and fast browser

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    safe and fast browser

    hello all,
    the one thing i would like to know is which is the fastest and safest browser in terms of bugs and download timings.
    firefox is better than ie but is there any other browser better than firefox as well?

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    Well mostly this discussion leads to opera vs firefox, and in end what matters is your personal choice, for opera do have most of features inherent whereas you have to install extensions in firefox but once installed and preferences set right, firefox is awesome too. So my suggestion, if you want safe and best browser try them both and then decide.
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    I prefer mozilla but that is probably too much like Firefox for you.

    You'll probably need to delve into Linux. There are many different type of browser available for Linux systems. They are all probably more resistant to spyware because they are obsure and not targeted

    Opera might suit you but it displays ads unless you pay for the full version. It claims to be the fastest browser.


    If you want speed try Lynx. Its text only so that should speed things up for ya.

    Otherwise most of the browser speed is determined by your connection. you can improve it a bit by changing browser but upgrading your connection would help more.

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    Hello vikramaditya

    The answer is "not really" they are all as good as their last update and their unpatched exploits

    As these vary month on month, the answer will change accordingly?

    Academically speaking, any browser with ActiveX and Java turned off will be more secure than those which support them. As they have frequently been used as an attack vector.

    Please remember that we are largely talking "security through obscurity" (people have not looked for holes......yet) rather than any inherent design superiority.

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