Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what ever happened with the hackiis6.com competition?

To summarize the contest, this is take from slashdot.org:

"Starting May 2nd and going until June 8th, the server located at http://www.hackiis6.com/ will welcome hackers to attack it. If you can deface the web site or capture the "hidden" document, you win an X-box! Read contest rules for what does and doesn't constitute a successful hack. We've tried to be as realistic as possible in what constitutes a successful hack, and in mimicking a basic HTML and ASP.NET web site."

According to Greg Hughes website, on June 9th, the "Winner (or lack of winner) announced at TechEd in Orlando".

I have googled the heck out of any related terms, but there seems to be no news since about mid-may... I can't even find anything in any of the teched reports or the msdn teched bloggers...

Anyways, if anyone knows I would be very interested =).