Hi all,
I am faced with dilemma and googling since morning but can't decide , so putting my question here.
I have got all new 120 GB hard disk, and after loading windows XP, i am left with 50 GB free space.
Now i have latest version of freeBSD( never used free BSD before) and linux( both mandrake and Suse). now i want to learn more about ( to increase my knowledge) OS and network security and so on. So can't decide that do i install both of them, and if i do , how to use this existing space in best way?

now 2nd question:
I have single PC, this one, no current access to any network for lab practice, so how do I improve my skills about various tools and commands and other things considering I have DSL broadband connection? any suggestion.

This question is little debateful if i think right:

Out of freeBSD and Linux(any popular flavour) which one is best for learning purposes and then user purposes, as i found this on internet: