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Thread: C.I.P.H.E.R. - Application Layer Security Competition

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    C.I.P.H.E.R. - Application Layer Security Competition

    Hey Hey,

    This is the first I've heard of this, and I haven't seen it posted here... much apologies if it has been but it looks quite interesting.

    C.I.P.H.E.R.: Challenges in Informatics: Programming, Hosting and Exploring. Hosted by the RWTH ****** University.

    It appears as though it's going to be a 6 hour, single day event to test the involved teams application layer security skills, both offensive and defensive. It's open to university students (can we have AO classified as a university and enter a team?)... but it looks like it's going to be pretty interesting.

    They have room for 12 teams, and 3 of those slots are filled already... I've already contacted my security prof to see about entering a team, and I suggest anyone interested do the same.

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    Looks interesting. I wonder if I can get one of the ICS professors to claim to be "coach" and help me organize a team.
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    Very cool, I am curious if they allow Lambda Lambda fraternity to join?

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