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    ESPECIALLY if you DO recognise the voice.

    Vengeance is a dish best served cold

    Assume that you won't know the voice - they could be total strangers .......
    They didn't give out much information, BUT the phone company DID [apartment No !!!!]
    Ask them what THEY intend to do about their lapse ???

    I.D. theft is a growing concern, just let this be your intro, with [hopefully] minimum impact. Learn from it, and keep yourself aware of your situation at all times.
    But don't let them stop you from being / doing what ever it is YOU need to do, to keep YOUR life as your own. Otherwise the scum win and that is NEVER a good thing.

    Their are people here who will never sit with their back to a door in a public place, because that's how you managed to survive long enough to get here I got into some strange habits when in crowded places [malls etc] wallet into front pocket, cell phone into other front pocket, no watch, all pockets that can button up - button them, and a constant movement of head to keep as much of the masses in 'view' [spatial awareness]. Mind you, I also shred EVERYTHING that has my address on it before it goes into the bin, AND I never leave empty cardboard boxes out by the bin either [why advertise that you've bought something ??

    You don't HAVE to be as paranoid as me
    But SOME paranoia helps.

    Security : It's not ALL about PC's :

    Nowaday it's ID theft :
    Tomorrow ?

    Who knows.

    Luck to you ..........
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
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    Oh, I totally agree with you foxyloxley...I'm paranoid enough as it is - this just added the fuel. I am always vigilant with my personal items, be they mail, my purse, wallet, you name it...I'm definitely going to be thinking twice about a lot of things....thanks for the advice about vengeance being served cold. I never thought about FIDO giving out my apartment number...*sigh*...time for another phone call.

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    Sheryl, hopefully the FIDO rep didn't give out your apartment number. Not to add to any paranoia but you may want to check with other places such as utilities, banks in case this woman has attempted other means of trying to steal your id. I do hope the matter is closed for you.

    I agree with foxyloxley about some level of paranoia is a good thing and I foxyloxley I don't think youíre being overly paranoid, just very diligent about protecting yourself.

    I've been reading all the news stories lately about personal information being stolen (most recenly reported was the US FTC Chief had her information stolen) or attempted to be like in Sherylís case and I am wondering where the ultimate responsibility is placed or shared by whom?

    For example with on-line transactions itís my opinion that itís the responsibility of person making the transaction to ensure that their computer is up-to-date with all security and operation system updates and for making sure the site they are doing the transaction on is secured. But it stops there and becomes the responsibility of the site owner to ensure the information is kept as secure as possible and then it becomes the responsibility of the credit card company to ensure they keep the information secure. I know some people refuse to do any transactions on-line because they donít feel it secure at all. But with the case of the FTC Chief, her information was stolen from the DSW company database probably from an in store purchase.

    It seems that when these instances like DSW occur, all the responsibility eventually falls to the customer, not the businesses. Sure DSW was ordered to seek out and inform all those customers about the theft but that was all they had to do. Anyone who has had to fix an error on their credit report will understand the pain, time and frustration trying to fix one error, not alone the potential multiple errors that can occur from ID theft. It could jeopardize these people getting cars, houses, and even jobs.

    As consumers there is a level of expectation, risk, and responsibility that must be accepted by them but in my opinion, these businesses must take a greater level of the same more than they have in the past. Having a password on Sherylís FIDO account is a step in that direction but given this growing wave of ID theft, it should have been something that was done when her account was created in the first place.

    Given the current culture to sue I am waiting for someone to submit a lawsuit against these companies for not securing their information and for the time and money spent trying to fix the problems that resulted from it.

    Have a good 4th holiday!
    Wise men talk because they have something to say;
    fools, because they have to say something.

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