Maybe he just wanted to know you cared

This IT manager is roaming the city department where he works and discovers a problem, according to the pilot fish who manages the department's help desk.

"He landed in an area where 70 users were using a generic user ID and password," fish reports. "This is a violation of IT security, so the help desk disabled the generic ID and notified all managers to have each employee call for their own user IDs and passwords.

"Fact be told, every user already had a user ID and password. They just weren't using them."

Manager of the 70 users on one log-in is very unhappy. He complains bitterly to the IT manager that this situation is hampering the ability of his employees to do their jobs.

IT manager calls fish and tells her to make contact with the unhappy manager and do whatever it takes to get his users all up and running.

"I contact the manager, who laments all this grief and all these problems," says fish. "I said I would come in at 7 a.m. to be there for all his users. Have each one call individually, I said, and we will resolve each and every log-in problem and get the users to work.

"Great, he said, fantastic, this is really proactive, you are the best.

"Help desk was up and running at 7 a.m. Not one call was received from that area regarding a problem. When I called down there, the manager told me that there appears to be no problem. Everything is great.

"What was that all about?"