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    RoadClosed, your chicken was probably raised on prozac and xanax! Which means that it was stress-free, but you might wanna watch how much of it you eat, some of those anti-depressants have a pretty long half-life!
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    That is an interesting thought... what would elephant taste like? I bet it wouldn't be too gamey f it came from a zoo. But in the wild those muscles would be working too much. It might even be super lean like buffalo or ostrich. Who knows?

    The "low stress" chicken actually tastes extremely good. Like when I grew up and ate local chickens raised by Mr. Green Jeans. But the real reason it tastes so chick-a-licious is because they are roosters which have a deeper flavor then hens. And they are fed corn versus ground up, mechanically separated neighbor chickens. It just tasted better. In fact, it's "finger lickiní good"
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