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Thread: Track Yahoo Messanger Sender

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    Track Yahoo Messanger Sender

    Hi Folks,

    I am not a geek like you all and need some help on priority basis.
    Is there a way I can figure out from which country/city a Instant message was sent to me using Yahoo Messanger. All tese messages are offline and I get to see these messages when I get online.

    Please let me know if you need more clarificaiton.
    I hope I will get the required help.... Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    I must admit I don't know much about Yahoo, other than to delete it on sight due to its links with scumware companies, and its redirection policy.

    You should be able to tell the country, but the city will be related to the sender's ISP network structure, not where they actually reside.

    This information can be falsified or obscured, so I wouldn't place any great reliance on it. If someone wants to hide from you, they can. They cannot hide from the authorities, but you do not have their legal powers and resources.

    And please read the instructions before posting, this is NOT a question about Antionline, so the moderators may move it and confuse you as to where it has gone

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    I doubt very much that you will be able to through offline messages
    yahoo messenger (tho i dont use it) I assume works the same as most other IM clients which is kinda like ::

    their client --> yahoo server --> your client

    so even if there was some way of seeing the IP the offline msg was from it would be the IP of the yahoo server not the sender.

    However if you can start a file transfer with the person sending the messages it should create a direct p2p link

    their client --> your client

    skipping the yahoo server - at that point you can run netstat -a from cmd line to view their IP (as long as they are not using a proxy or other way to mask their IP address)

    Once you ahve the IP you can then trace this back to a close approximation of their location - but it is not always accurate as Nihil said it has more to actually do with where their ISP is then their actual location.

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    Thanks Nihil and Valhallen for your comments..

    Yahoo Messenger is used quite heavily in our part of the world .. India ... owing to nonpopularity of AOL,ICQ and IRC.

    In yahoo chat rooms we have observed Bombing and Flooding quite common. Such a Fun to do that

    But the booter programs make use of Yahoo servers scattered across the globe to bomb the lamer. There must be any way to locate the booter..

    Your comments plz.

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    No there isnt..as explained above,there must be a DIRECT connection between the two parties in order to look at the ip..hence..when you do a netstat..the ip you look at will be the yahoo server.Additionally,I dont think a direct file transfer's possible anymore on yahoo,I heard something about the Yahoo file Transfer WIzard but as I'm not a yahoo person I cant be sure.
    And finally,
    it's lame to boot?

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    Yes there is a way, but you would need Yahoo and the ISP to help you. As I said, this is something that only the authorities could do.

    Otherwise it is pretty much the same story as e-mail. At best you would get to ISP level information, and you cannot really rely on that.

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