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    i have done it with pgp, I believe almost any encryption software(that does data) can do this.

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    PGP does enctryption not steganography, the two are not the same thing!
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    Search sourceforge for a program called steghide, works very well and is windows/linux based.

    I have been using stego for several years now, In fact its one of the ways I like to pass around passwords to friends, or "special" webistes that are only accessable for a few hours.

    steghide will even give you info on the hidden file with the correct passphrase.
    And also tell you how much you can store inside and image OR wav file.

    When doing stego there are two files. The cover file (image or wav) and the content file (Text, image, wav, mp3, exe, zip, rar, unrar...any file type)

    One thing I like to do is take an mp3 convert it to wav. That gives me a nice large file to use. Then I embed (encrypt) my txt file or in some cases a bmp,jpg with text into the wav file.
    Once I simply read a book into my computer and used the 20mb file to store a zip file in.
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    There's some more advanced ways that involve using lossless compression methods and hiding/compressing the file..

    txt -> bmp -C> png

    and ways to retrieve that.

    In terms of hiding the stuff you could write your own app to do it and to recover it. It's best if you encrypt whatever you want to hide first, there are programs out there that can sniff out steganography sometimes and if there's no added layer of protection you'll get 'pwned' quickly

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