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Thread: Should i uninstall?

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    Should i uninstall?

    Hello and good evening everyone
    I am not sure were to post this question so i put it here.
    Sry in advance if it's not the right place.

    Tonight I have been cleaning up my puter.
    Unsinstalling useless programs that i never use and crap like that.
    I ran a bunch of anti spyware programs and updtated my antivirus and ran that too.
    everything seems to be gr8.

    But there is one thing i don't know what it is so i'm not sure if I should unsinstall it.
    In control panel (add and remove programs) I have a series of programs that start with S3 and I don't know what they are.

    These are the names:

    they seem to be in C:/WINDOWS/system32.
    Does anyone know what they are, and if so can I delete them without screwing up my computer.
    TY in advance to anyone who looks into this and answers me

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    Just Google it. These are drivers for S3 video cards. If you have one, I wouldn't suggest deleting them . . .

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    generally what I do when I am wondring what a specific file is I justgoogle it. Just search for the exact file name and almost always you will get a match. and generally if you dont, its a bad thing. (there are exceptions, but unless I was the one who created the file or i know exactly what it is for I get rd of it.) and dont always trust the AV and anti-spyware programs, they have a tendancy to mark specailty (i.e programs that have genuine uses but have been used for wrong in the past) as bad so they delete them.
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    hi klondike

    the names u mentioned i.e. S3gamma and so on, are all what u get when u update ur windows, according to files, i assume that Windows XP as ur Opersating System(is that rite?)
    Well, if u do hav that, these files are just an update to ur display settings and these files arent goin to harm u in any case!! In fact, they improve ur display in some way or the other. So dont uninstall/delete the files!! These files are good ones and arent goin to harm you.

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    I looked into it and it seems to be drivers of some sort.
    I won't uninstall it

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    S3Display, S3Gamma2, S3Info2 and S3Overlay are all related to your graphics card. Which uses the S3 processor. I know because my old laptop has some of those services. Disable them and you probably disable some additional neat features of your graphic card.

    Just a wild guess... Are these installed on a Sony Vaio?

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    If you really want to clean up your pc you might as well do it right from the start so..Yes uinstalling is a start but does sometimes leave folders and some entries in your registry which could cause various kinds of problems because the references is still read from the registry by windows and will cause error windows to popup all over your screen..Run a good registry cleaner or fixer,run scandisk,defrag your hdd because your files will now be scattered and will slow down your pc considerably..Remember to empty your recycle bin..This is one thing a lot of ppl tend to forget and remember the bigger the hdd drive the bigger the recycle bin(10%)if i remember correctly so you can save a lot of space by emtying it before defragging..

    I think it will benefit you to make sure what cards you have installed from screencard(in this case a s3)to your network card(either add on or onboard)to modem,etc..CHECK THEM ALL AND REMEMBER THE BRANDS AND NAMES.Remember when you post something like this ..Give as much detail about your pc as you can.. For example:Pentium4 2.8gig,gigabyte motherboard,512mb ram,128mb nvidea mx440 graphix card,seagate 200gig hard drive-7200 rpm,realtek network adaptor and mention any service packs installed and so on..

    You can also check the FAQ,S before posting because someone might already have asked a question like that.I certainly do not want to discourage you from posting anything but there is a right way and a wrong way and believe me it is best to do it right.

    AAH...sigh speech for the day..lol(Just kidding guys)
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