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Thread: pls help me

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    pls help me

    i have 2 computers with windows 2003 and another one is Fedora Core 1.
    on windows 2003 i use McAfee firewall.
    then i scan with nmap from linux box. it shows all the ports are filtered except port 25 and 110. then i use TCPview on windows box but no process belong to port 25 and 110. as well as i try with ;netstat -ano but port 110 and 25 is not listening. anyone could pls give me an idea about this


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    These are ports used by your mail client like outlook, express etc. to receive and send mail as SMTP-> port 25 and POP3--> port 110.
    and word of advice if you like, try your search at google, then you will no thave to waste time to post question and then wait for reply. it my advice though.
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    Good Day,

    For standardization purposes, Internet applications were assigned a port number. These assignments were made by the Intenet Assigned Names Authority (IANA). As mentioned by rider_royal Port 25 is assigned SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol "...designed as a mail transport and delivery protocol", RFC 2821) and email handling clients use a "Post Office Protocol"(the older POP2 requires SMTP and the newer POP3 does not) on Port 110 for handling email. (..."POP3 protocol is used to allow a workstation to retrieve mail that the server is holding for it", RFC 1939)

    By default those ports may be open to allow email to flow in and out. The consequences of blocking these ports should be obvious, however on the other side; spammers, deviants and the like, could also enjoy the use of these open ports if they are not properly filtered.

    Not knowing how you are employing your network; you will need to decide whether or not to leave the services up, filter, or block the ports, etc.

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    port 110 and 25 is not listening. anyone could pls give me an idea about this
    Port 25 SMTP

    Port 110 POP3

    If port 25 and port 110 is not listening then I wouldn't worry about it. Now, if port 25 and port 110 are listening then you would have to worry about it. Any service listening is a hacker 'hole'.

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    filtered = firewall

    the firewall is allowing for a mail server on that computer showing the ports open but your not running one so nothing is listening. change the setting in McAfee.
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