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    So Your problem was a System a PC Power down.. not a windows shutting down problem..

    That is.. the system woould just power OFF instantly.. Seems many of us have missedthe shutting down thing..

    IF it is a clean Off situation.. happening anytime be it during the "Sony System Restore" or if useing a "Live CD" OS get the PSU checked..
    If the system is OK with a "Live CD" or ok during a "Non Network" Installation.. Doing the complete installation with NO NETWORK CONNECTIONS..with no problems and is only happening when the network is connected.. and is a Shutdown WITH a warning.. You must be installing with XP SP1 or earlier.. Install SP2 before connecting to the net without a fire wall..

    Seems we went off on our little paths without asking you to clarify what you meant by the shutdown..
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    Good point Undies~

    I have come across a few situations where devices have powered down rather than shutdown. That is it was a hardware termination not a software one.

    What it turned out to be was the I/O switch was deteriorating or was defective. It is spring loaded with a little hook to hold it in place. After a certain time, not particularly long but not consistent this would trip and power the device off.

    Just a wild possibility?

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