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Thread: Windows two password work at the same time

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    Windows two password work at the same time

    Hey everyone,
    Ok i was running windows XP last night and i decided to change the password, so i did. I didnt log off i just locked the system and i left it. This morning i forgot that i changed the password and typed the old one in and it worked. I tried the new and it worked. So im guessing since the session was running and it used that accounts credintials to run certian programs, it didnt change the passwprd until i logged off completely and logged back in.

    Feed back would be appreciated


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    Have you shut down /restarted since the changeover ?
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    That sounds very much like Windows NT, which is where I think a lot of XPs security features came from?

    What has happened is you have changed the password but you are still running the current session with the old password, so both are valid until you actually logout and close the current session.

    Basically the system assumes that you will only want to use the new password the next time you log in.

    I am guessing that XP works the same as NT

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