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Thread: MS-DOS games

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    MS-DOS games

    This question may not be as important as others asked here, but I'd enjoy if it was answered.
    The problem is that I recently downloaded some ms dos games on a floppy and they were labeled to be used for zip. Is there a way to make them usable on a floppy and how would I be able to make them work? I excuse myself if the question sound akward or stupid, but I am a novice at the art of the operating system. I'd truly be happy if someone replied.Thank you.

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    My first question to you is do you have an MS Dos machine to run these games on?

    If so, the answer to your question is simple - store the .zip files on your computer's hard drive, then extract them to the floppy disk. Be warned that some games are larger than the 1.44 megabyte limit on a standard floppy, so they simply can't be used that way.

    If not, there's a good emulator available in DosBox. You can get it from here:


    There's also quite a few of the old abandonware dos games on that site. Now for a newbie to the world of command line, it might be a bit tricky to learn to use at first - follow the instructions and you'll be up and gaming in no time.

    Luck to you!
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    unzip them...?
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    Hi, Mates

    1. You are running Windows XP????, although the same applies to Windows2000, as neither are DOS based, and do not support DOS applications that well.

    2. You will need to either dual boot into Windows98SE (that's the favourite OS for this requirement) and Windows XP, or use a DOS emulator, or use a DOS boot disk, and run the game from there. I assume that you already have XP installed so an emulator or boot disk is what to go for.

    Another problem that has not been mentioned is the way some of these DOS games work. In order to present you with a set-up and calibration menu, they interrogate the hardware to see what sort of video and sound cards you have, and what speed your processor is. Windows 2000 and XP do not permit applications to directly access the hardware so they just won't work with these operating systems.

    This is another reason to boot into DOS or use an emulator. The emulator effectively acts as an interpreter between Windows and the DOS game.

    If you have an earlier operating system, use your unzip utility and extract the zipped files to separate folders on your hard drive. Then copy them to floppy disks or burn them to a CD. The CD is probably the better solution.

    Hope that helps.

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