Hello everyone. My name is Nick Manley and I am glad to join the AO community. I may be new to these forums in paticular but I hope that everyone will be accepting of the fact that I have a lot to offer and that just because I am a newbie here, doesn't mean I am a newbie everywhere.

I am not a "real" hacker by any means nor do I claim to be. I am simply someone who wants to learn and only out of interest. I don't want to hack my friends email or hack to be cool or popular, nor do I ever use elite speek. I recently started learning socket programming in Linux with C++ and have been doing simple hacking for quite a while. Last school year I joined my highschool's website development team and I even managed to find and fix some security flaws in there php which is probebly my greatest achievment despite how silly that may seem to all of you.

I hope to aspire to great things and learn from all of you. I am as independant as possible and know how to use Google so hopefully I won't have to bug you too much.

Thanks Again,
~Nick Manley (Darkhack)