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Thread: securing system by attackin ur own

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    securing system by attackin ur own

    hi guys i have this question.. i have windows xp and ive installed virtual pc on it.. os for virtual pc is open bsd.. am wonderin how to attack the vpc(open bsd).. attacker is xp.. any help? any attack simple/basic wud do..

    reason behind am askin is because i have a subject bout computer security and its our homework to attack the vpc.. at least 5 types of attack.. any stpe by step procedures how to? thanks...

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    Set it up, give it an IP address, and attack away.

    Seems to me like you are asking us to give you instructions on how to attack an openBSD box, which would be doing your homework for you. Ive had a lot of horrible teachers in my time, but not one has ever given me a homework assignment without first giving me atleast some guidlines or hints on how to finish it. Do your own homework. You wont learn **** from us doing it for you.
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    I'm always amazed when people ask these kinds of questions here. If you google attack/hack you'll get as many hits as you would with a porn search.

    If you are truly interested in security and computers then take the initiative to research how things work. Besides, if you have the ability to install BSD in a VM environment, I'm certain you have the ability to attack it. Don't be lazy.
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    simple no will do it.. yada yada.. thanks anyway

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    I agree, you want someone to do your homework for you, dont be lazy...
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    Yada Yada nothing. Follow the teachers suggestions and instruction. This should be an easy and fun assingment.

    That, or you're lying about it being a 'homework assignment' and you simply want someone to shortcut you into being a 'l337 h4xx0r'. Skiddie behavior is even less welcome than laziness.

    Here are some suggestions:
    OpenBSD info
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