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Thread: No "Software-Patents" in Europe

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    No "Software-Patents" in Europe

    Parliament says No to Software Patents

    Strasbourg, 6 July 2005 -- The European Parliament today decided by a
    large majority (736 members, 680 votes, 645 yes, 14 No, 18
    abstentions) to reject the directive "on the patentability of computer
    implemented inventions", also known as the software patent
    directive. This rejection was the logical answer to the Commission's
    refusal to restart the legislative process in February and the
    Council's reluctance to take the will of the European Parliament and
    national parliaments into account. The FFII congratulates the
    European Parliament on its clear "No" to bad legislative proposals and

    This is a great victory for those who have campaigned to ensure that
    European innovation and competitiveness is protected from
    monopolisation of software functionalities and business methods. It
    marks the end of an attempt by the European Commission and
    governmental patent officials to impose detrimental and legally
    questionable practises of the European Patent Office (EPO) on the
    member states. However, the problems created by these practises
    remain unsolved. FFII believes that the Parliament's work, in
    particular the 21 cross-party compromise amendments, can provide a
    good basis on which future solutions, both at the national and
    European level, can build.

    Jonas Maebe, FFII Board Member, comments on the outcome of today's vote:

    "This result clearly shows that thorough analysis, genuinely concerned
    citizens and factual information have more impact than free ice-cream,
    boatloads of hired lobbyists and outsourcing threats. I hope this turn
    of events can give some people faith again in the European decision
    making process. I also hope that it will encourage the Council and
    Commission to emulate the European Parliament to improve transparency
    and the ability of stakeholders to participate in the decision-making
    process irrespective of their size."

    Hartmut Pilch, president of FFII, explains why FFII supported the
    move for rejection in its voting recommendations:

    In recent days, the big holders of EPO-granted software patents and
    their MEPs, who had previously been campaigning for the Council's
    "Common Position", joined the call for rejection of the directive
    because it became clear that the 21 cross-party amendments
    championned by Roithová, Buzek, Rocard and Duff were very likely to
    be adopted by the Parliament. It was well noticeable that support
    for all most of these amendments was becoming the
    mainstream opinion in all political groups. Yet there would not
    have been much of a point in such a vote. We rather agree to the
    assessment of the situation as given by Othmar Karas MEP in the
    Plenary yesterday: a No was the only logical answer to the
    unconstructive attitude and legally questionable maneuvers of the
    Commission and Council, by which this so-called Common Position had
    come about in the first place.

    The FFII also wishes to thank all those people who have taken the time
    to contact their representatives either by email, phone or in
    person. We also want to thank the numerous volunteers who have given
    so generously of their time and energy. This is your victory as well
    as the Parliament's.
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    Yay. Europe not getting screwed...
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    But we are not there yet. The law was would legalize software patents has been rejected.
    But they can still lobby on a per country basis.

    YAY again.
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