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Thread: A Trip down Memory Lane

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    A Trip down Memory Lane

    So...which was the first computer you ever had...

    OLD-COMPUTERS.COM : The Museum

    mine...the one I have now...1999 ACER, with a HP 17" Monitor, running Windows 2000 Pro...got it about 11 months ago...very late starter

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    Commodore 64 baby!!

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    BBC Acorn Electron (1984)
    Sinclair 128+2A (1989)
    Commodore Amiga 500+ (1993)
    Simply Pentium 200MHz, 32Mb, 2Gb, 2Mb gfx with a 4Mb Voodoo 1, 15" monitor (Dad still has that)(1996)
    Dell Dimension 4100, P3 733MHz, 256Mb, 20Gb, TNT2, 17" Monitor (I've still got that)(1999)
    DIY Athlon XP 3000+, 512Mb, 80Gb, 256Mb NVidea gfx (2002)

    +Sega Megadrive with CD thingy, Playstation 1, Xbox and now a Sega mastersystem.

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    TRS 80 (Trash 80) Model I

    followed by an Apple IIe and a PCjr.

    Then an A1000... and then I dropped off of the scene for a bit with that box. I picked back up in the 486 days but I was building my own stuff at that point.

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    486 running DOS 4 was my first... It was actually my dads, and he owned it when I was born, but it counts as my first comp!
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    aah, makes me remember days when one who has even access to computer (school lab) was considered as super intelligent and ffavoured by teacher. And those "big" floppies, heavily guarded computer rooms, and lots of things. and it was just 15 years back.

    that makes me think about future too, what we will have 15 years from now? james bond gadgets....:-), we never know.
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    This is my oldest one:


    It is the BBC Model B. I have the 32kb expansion card for it and the original colour monitor.

    I also have one of these:


    IBM PCXT 640kb RAM, 10Mb HDD and a greenscreen.

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    zx spectrum then tandy trs 80 (still have them and both still work)
    Followed by commodore, vic20, then the IBM clone's i.e. 286,386,486 66mhz,486 dx 100 , pent11, pent 111, AMD xp2000 and now 2 x AMD Athlon 64 3700 ,1gig ram, 120gig h/d, 256mb nvidea 6800 ultra.
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    This was my first (I think)

    It was a home computer and my dad got it for me around 1980. It was a Tandy / TI...something like that. I remember my dad teaching me BASIC. I made like a dinky calculator and remember thinking how cool it was to be able to make a computer do things. It also came with three games....I can only remember the car game. There would be a square on the screen...and from a top down view you would race (using the arrow keys) your little white car around the track. It was a black and white monitor. Ahhhh....memories.


    Then in college I got a 386 with windows 3.11 for workgroups...yeah!!! I even installed an internal modem....all by myself!!!! Yay!!!!! Dork!
    That was in 1995...I think.

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    Apple 2 GS came with 128k RAM which was upgraded to 512k (had to play those Sierra games - Kings Quest - Quest for Glory, etc) and then up to a HUGE 4MB of Ram.

    Only until it got the 20mb external SCSI hard drive was it ever l337. Oh the fun we had.
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