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Erm, are you kidding me?Try a whois on OMFG IANA owns my localhost!! lol, seriously they are RFC 1918, of course they are reserved. Does 192.168.x.x ring a bell? And of course the second hop is also a rfc1918 like the first, they are both internal networks. the 10.x.x.x (also rfc1918) is probably the wired network which gets NATed to the internet. On that wired network is a wireless AP, the wireless AP is gets its addy from 10.x.x.x DHCP and then runs its own DHCP on 192.168.x.x, this way the WLAN and LAN are separate. Its not a honeypot its some dude with a linksys AP plugged into his Linksys router.

ah...that makes since...thnx for all the replies...o yea..and i ran port scan on the 10.x.x.x and the only port that was open was port 514 with a service called cmd running(reported by nmap). I tried to telnet to it see if it was the cmd from windows but all i got was a blank screen.