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Thread: WinXP SP2 FW

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    WinXP SP2 FW

    is there a registry setting that one can enable to prevend programs from creating exceptions for themselves in this s/w firewall?

    i don't get it. what kind of firewall protection is this that can allow 3rd party apps to create exceptions for themselves?

    - we are not running AD.
    - we don't want to use another vendors s/w firewall on the XP clients. (actually, it's not my decision. orders from up above. i just follow.)

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    Do you have enough in your budget for a firewall on you client gateway? It's going to be a lot easier to filter traffic per-subnet or per-gateway than on each individual host. Of course, it's up to you, but I never liked client firewalls because they get really messy to administer above a handful of machines.

    You might want to see if a content filtering product like 'BlueCoat' from EdgeBlue would work with your budget.

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